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LTE-groupcertified according to ISOstandards

International norms for transparency and
greater customer satisfaction

The management of LTE Logistik- und Transport-GmbH made the decision to apply for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 back in November 2005. The certifica-tion was awarded to the international transportation business in January 2006. At the same time, the private railway company requested a safety and quality
evaluation by the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System). This helps to ensure that the highest
quality standards are met and constantly enhanced.

"Like in the dictionary ...
... labour always precedes success. [S. Dederichs]"
Kristina Wildner

What does certification according

to ISO standards mean?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

norms 9000 et seqq. aim to ensure compliance with basic principles for measures of quality management that

are valid on both a national and an international level. The certification supports implementation within the busi-
ness and ensures that third parties are informed. Proof of the successfully passed process results in transparent and
clear standards in quality management, which are the perfect preconditions for innovative further developments!

Transport Logistik in Europa - Advantages for rail

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Für die perfekte Transport Logistik stellt sich oft die Frage: Schiene oder LKW? Durch die Wahl des richtigen Transportmittels können Sie Kosten und Nerven sparen.

Rotterdam | NL: Managing Director Markus Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe and an important trading intersection. LTE Netherlands welcomes you and your goods.

Certification processes within LTE-group

Within the span of approx. a year, all organisational

and technical processes of LTE-group were

aligned with the globally recognised quality standards
DIN EN ISO 9001 – and, at the same time, the SQAS-RAIL questionnaire. Moreover, LTE-group realised guideline 2004/49/EG. In November, the DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen) awarded

LTE-group an extraordinarily positive result.

Industrial Love 1 | rail cargo through Europe

Travel with Vicky (a young florist from Rotterdam) throughout Europe, as she seeks for Leo (an LTE train driver) to bring him back a little wooden box. She gets very curious about its content. Will she find him? And what is in the box?


"LTE-group | Industrial Love 1"
Version for "transport logistic", 16:48 min. | 1080p

DIN EN ISO 9001 – contents for quality management

ISO 9001 is one of the quality management norms
most aspired to be met by European businesses.
The emphasis lies on customer-friendliness, customer focus and process-based approaches to constant improvement of the management system from planning to management to result assessment. LTE-group clients
thus benefit from optimised processes that facilitate high quality and cost transparency in equal measure.

"We have to pay attention that ...
... we keep a cool head when times get faster."
Andreas Mandl
LTE-group | CEO
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