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"From sea to sea: ...
... carbon-dioxide free!"
Andreas Mandl
LTE-group | CEO

Environmentally friendly rail goods transport in Europe

LTE-group transports goods and commodities quickly and on time throughout the continent. Latest rail logistics turns
the innovative private business into an attractive con-
tender as time, more often than not, isn’t the decisive argument anymore. But what makes rail transportation a real alternative? Rely on such transports with significantly lower environmental impact. We show you how.

Route Map Europe 3D

See a few of our transportation routes throughout Europe in this short animated 3D map. It will only take you 14 seconds.



"LTE-group | Route Map Europe 3D"
Version: Spring 2015 | 0:14 min. | 1080p

Clean and quick: freight transportation by rail

A very simple comparison illustrates why “green logistics” pays off. When transporting food by plane, 1000 g of CO2 are emitted over 1000 km per kilo of commodities. Transportation by lorry emits 200 grams. But trains win hands down with only 80 g of CO2 per kilo – only ships are better for the environment with 35 grams.



Sustainable transportation of goods
with modern freight trains

LTE-group has more than 30 privately owned, modern
and efficient electronic and diesel locomotives. In Austria,
all electronic locomotives exclusively run on eco-friendly hydroelectric power. Constant upkeep and optimising of locomotives and train units also have a positive
impact on the environment. LTE-group clients benefit
from the attractive prices.

LTE-group’s partnership with klima:aktiv in Austria

LTE-group is a member of klima:aktiv, the environmental initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. In Austria, more than 90% of the electricity for locomotives comes from eco-friendly hydroelectric power. We’d like to convince you to transport your goods with renewable energy sources – at least in Austria!

LTE-groupecology in advertisement(and in reality)
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