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cargo transports with LTE-group

Nearly 20 years of experience have shown what inter-national clients want, which challenges there are on trans-european routes... - the role the weather plays and how important it is for the 24/7 help-desk to react quickly at all times.

Rely on our well-established, highly motivated team!


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Do you have any questions about LTE-group, goods transport in Europe and the special services of the private railway! Then get in touch with one of the LTE group branches with a non-binding enquiry!

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Goods transport in Europe
LTE-group takes legal regulations into account for its transports of different categories of goods, including dangerous goods, across the continent.

See our list of goods.

Get basic information about LTE-group

... and some more detailed information about our services including our quality and safety standards, your customer beneftis and our resources ...


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Routes and special services
No distance is too far for the freight trains or the
LTE-group’s pre-carriage and post-carriage services.
Take a look at the routes travelled within Europe.

Good reasons to choose LTE-group
You’re wondering why you should choose LTE-group as your partner for goods transport in Europe? We can easily explain – in ten sentences.

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