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In step with the times: goods transport

according to highest international standards

It’s virtually impossible to ignore the fascinating
world of well-functioning logistics. Different and
diverse task interlock like little gear wheels, the
sum of all their parts guaranteeing that international clients’ goods and commodities are picked up and delivered
at the right place and at the right time. The highest safety standards and most modern quality management
are the “adjustable screws” that keep everything moving.

ISO certificate, SQAS report and more
for secure transport

LTE-group is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
and the first Austrian railway with a SQAS report.

This motivates all LTE-group employees every day to
ensure numerous improvements and developments. 

Your advantage: highest international safety and
quality standards.

  • Safety certificates in all eight branches
  • Quality and safety management system according
    to DIN EN ISO 9001 and SQAS
  • Liability insurance in excess of 60 million Euros
  • Comprehensive insurance for wagons and goods
    (on demand)
"If you raise the view ...
... you can see no limits. [Traditional, Japan]"
Ernst Haiböck
ECS Euro Cargo

Eco-friendly goods transport with LTE-group

Modern businesses always have to take environmental considerations into account. Isn’t it obvious to plan freight movements by train? You enquire, the team at
LTE-group’s logistics centre creates a tailor-made trans-
portation concept for you. No ifs and buts.

And at an attractive price.

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"From sea to sea: ...
... carbon-dioxide free!"
Andreas Mandl
LTE-group | CEO

SQAS – safe travelling
The highest quality and maximum safety are guaranteed by, among other things, SQAS reporting at the innovative goods transport and logistics group LTE.

What is SQAS - learn about it here.

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