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LTE groupcommercial goods transportwith highest quality

SQAS report and internal quality standards of LTE

As one of the most innovative carriers of goods and logisticians in Europe, LTE-group constantly strives to develop its products, services and processes further, thereby helping the transportation company with branches in eight European countries to guarantee the highest 

quality and safety standards. In order to receive objectified data and facts, LTE-group voluntary completed
the assessment process according to SQAS.

What is SQAS?

Benchmarking in rail-based goods transport

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a method
to evaluate quality, safety and environmental compatibi-
of logistics and transportation providers. Independent assessors suggested by Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) evaluate the business with a questionnaire that
contains about 500 questions. The results are published and grant interested clients an insight into a company’s SQAS rating.


What makes SQAS different from other ISO norms?

In contrast to certification by ISO norms (International Organization for Standardization), the main focus of SQAS assessment is on quality, safety and environmental friend-liness. LTE-group completed and passed both evaluation systems simultaneously. Certification and/or the report are only the beginning: LTE-group is constantly working
to improve all processes in all areas.



Commercial goods transport demands detailed quality

Constant reflection on the company’s own quality standard requirements, independent inspection by qualified institutions and the continuous development of quality

standards are the three pillars of LTE-group’s extraordinarily high-grade and flexible offer. Attractive goods transport by train and practical solutions for combined transports ultimately ensure the continuous development of goods transport by rail.

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