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LTE–group "en detail" | Andrea Wippel – The Company’s 'Nerd'2020-12-02 | LTE Specialists

"A 'nerd' is a person who can immerse himself in a thing, a task, who uses all the available energy on a topic in order to ultimately reap his/her success," enthuses Andrea Wippel.

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LTE–group 'en detail' | Andrea Wippel – The Company’s 'Nerd'

Andrea Wippel is convinced that she has found the job of her dreams in the position she holds in the LTE-group. In the team she directs a software called Rail Cube, an information platform co-initiated and largely co-designed by LTE, which maps the production processes in the company quite ingeniously and thus makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency.

LTE-group | Rail Cube

“Here at LTE, the project has blossomed into a real profit center over the years. We started together with a software company that is located in the vicinity of the LTE NL offices and was able to benefit from the proximity and our know-how. So Rail Cube was developed according to our requirements and ideas, which has meanwhile matured into a nerve center in production. Everyone in the company can call up in real time what is essential to know in the context of a transport and therefore intervene in an emergency to solve any problems quickly, ”explains Wippel. The successful project is now making the rounds in Europe and other well-known EVUs such as Rail Cargo are also relying on the know-how of Softlogix and LTE. 

LTE-group | Andrea Wippel @ home

Andrea is therefore pleased to have found a field of activity that fulfills her ideas of the dream job 1,000%: "I've always been a nerd," she smiles, and she has been that since 2020 with a letter, seal and a diploma of Vienna University of Applied Sciences, where she was successful in design, digital business and her master's thesis on 'digitization technology'. But beyond IT, it is also the communicative challenge that has cast its spell over it: “Especially in this year of home office, I was able to get to know and appreciate new structures for myself and my colleagues. I am fascinated by the merging of work and leisure. For example, if I think of something great while cooking, I can implement it immediately and share it with the team. And that mostly coincides with the job description of programmers, who are knitted in a similar way to me. ”However, she does not want to forego personal get-togethers in meetings:“ It's nice to get down to business quickly and precisely using video conferences. But there is nothing that compares to the collegial flair in the LTE meeting rooms - or to really creative brainstormings in the coffee kitchen."

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