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LTE Interview-Series #03: Vera Stratmann [LTE DE]

Here comes the third clip in our series of interviews with LTE group's Managing Directors.


And again - to our pair of questions - we received answers, which are (in their principal message) - comparable to those of the first two interviews.


In this clip Vera Stratmann [CEO LTE DE] tells us about the basis for LTE–group’s relationship with their customers and for every day life amongst LTE’s staff.

"LTE interview series #03: Vera Stratmann [NL]" 1:13 min. | 1080px

LTE Interview-Series #02: George Glavan [LTE RO]

Long awaited - the second clip in the series of interviews with LTE–group's Managing Directors.


Amazing how the same pair of questions for each of our interview partners surprinsingly resulted in an almost identical core of their answers.


George Glavan [CEO LTE RO] gives an interesting view on what makes LTE–group's marketing strategy different from the rest…

"LTE interview series #02: George Glavan [RO]“ 2:42 min. | 1080px

Katowice - Vienna - Berlin - Paris - Brussels 
Noah's Train runs all across europe.
The European rail-freight traffic is on track for environmental protection. Noah's Train is a work of art that - in reference to the first big deed for environment - makes a trans-European statement for climate protection.


Read the blog.

LTE-grouplogistics & transportin Europe

Have you made photgraphs of our locomotives? Send us an e-mail and we'll get in contact with you. We need nice photos of our locomotive for our website but also for publications. We are very proud of our locos and their design. They are our highly recogniseable "business cards". We will present your photos to a big audience thus increasing the community of railway-lovers. Thank You!

"Logistics 4 Legends | The Flying Dutchman"

Event Presentation Movie

Watch the movie shown at the event of January 19th, 2018 at WienCont's Terminal 3 in Hafen Freudenau | Vienna.

ELL Austria GmbH and LTE–group celebrated "The Flying Dutchman" – ELL 100's locomotive and the start of LTE's new design line for locomotives "Logistics 4 Legends".


Read more about it in our blogs

"Logistics 4 Legends | The Flying Dutchman" 2:04 min. | 1080px

Registered for a newsletter and then spammed?


With us - that will certainly not happen to you!

We at LTE–group know how important time is for our

customers. Our news come straight „in a nutshell“ -

after all, we do not make detours on track as well…

Goods transport from east to west, from north to south

With branches in eight European countries and our partners in Slovenia and Belgium, we guarantee you smooth, on-schedule, cost-optimised transport for all sorts of categories of goods. No matter whether you want to transport agricultural products or dangerous goods from a to b – the LTE-group teams are at your side from the first enquiry to the delivery at the target location. Find out more about the routes the LTE-group covers and read the best reasons why you should opt for this service-oriented private railway.


Safety first: LTE-group’s quality standards

Quality and safety are the top priorities of the LTE-group. Adherence to international standards in the fields of safety management and environmental compatibility is a matter

of course. ISO 9001 certification and the SQAS-report con-firm the innovative private railway’s high aspirations.
The main focus is on the continuous improvement of internal standards to ensure your satisfaction – even more,
to wow you!




Lord of the Rails | One rail to serve

Watch our movie about high quality transportation and logistics. See how three friends manage to escape the dark threats of low-quality cargo-services. It's always good to have someone you can call - 24/7.


Read on the film in our blogs

"Lord of the Rails | One rail to serve" short version 2:00 min.
"Only one who oversteps borders ...
... establishes new connections. [T. Möginger]"
Walter Leitgeb
B&S Logistik

Transportation news
The LTE-group keeps you up-to-date on logistics and transportation with the latest news and interesting blog articles: read more now!

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