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Information and interesting articles all about transport

What’s new in the world of logistics and transport in Europe? We provide you with the latest information and entertain you with fascinating articles all about goods transport and transporting commodities on our continent. Unique insights into one of the most performance-efficient and flexible branches in transport included.

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s an abundance of stories to tell!

LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #3 'Traian Vuia'

LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #3 "Traian Vuia"

LTE Romania SRL dedicated a locomotive to the Romanian aviation pioneer Traian Vuia - letting it take off in the spirit of the inventor.

2020-07-01 | Tags: Ressources
LTE–group 'en detail' | Matthias Haiböck @ Lokshed*

LTE–group "en detail" | Matthias Haiböck @ Lokshed*

Locomotive breath for the LTE's locomotive service center at Gramatneusiedl. Matthias Haiböck ensures the continuous construction of the locomotive shed *)

2020-06-24 | Tags: LTE Specialists
LTE | Poland transmodal - Extended Version

LTE | Poland transmodal - Extended Version

After just one year, Miratrans and LTE PL plan to expand their intermodal connection between Olsztyn and Ludwigshafen (KTL).

2020-06-18 | Tag: Routes, LTE News
LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #1 'Henri Marie Coanda'

LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #1 "Henri Marie Coanda"

LTE-group's Transmontana locomotive "dressed" with unforgettable aerodynamicist Henri Marie Coanda

2020-06-08 | Tags: Ressources
LTE | Special Olympics on hold?

LTE | Special Olympics on hold?

No - not at all! The engines kept on running to be ready for taking off on Day X.

2020-06-02 | Tags: LTE News
LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #4 'Justin Capra'

LTE Lokdesign | Transmontana #4 "Justin Capra"

LTE-group pays homage to Justin Capra with their new Transmontana locomotive - the fourth in the series of Eastern European inventors and technicians.

2020-05-11 | Tags: LTE News
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