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The "Beach Twins" - On track for 20192018-08-31 | Tipps

For several years LTEā€“group has been supporting Nadine and Teresa Strauss, better known by their nicknames "Tessa & Naty, the Beach Twins". They are among the best Austrian beach volleyball teams with a long list of international successes.

The 'Beach Twins' - On track for 2019

"Due to injuries, last year had a lot of ups and downs" says Regina Strauss, mother, at first a trainer, now manager of the athletes, at the season ending.

Anyhow injuries cannot be avoided, but already the opening of the season confirmed the Twins, after Naty (with Eva Freiberger / Upper Austria as a substitute for Tessa) won their first qualifying match in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) after their first open air training camp in March 2018.


The Beach Twins past has been remarkably anyway. Competing together since 2012, the two have won a runner-up European title (2014) and national title (2017). Tournaments victories - lots of matches during the season - are part of everyday life for the twins.

"One of the highlights of the year is, of course, the Center Court on Vienna's Danube Island. The place is not just simmering because of the hot temperatures," Regina continues with enthusiasm about the very special atmosphere, which visibly and above all acoustically differs from the prejudices of conventional sports events. "The bawling hordes of fans in football stadiums cannot be found on beach volleyball centre courts. The audience honors the achievements of the players and players on the sand - frenetic applause in a much nicer atmosphere." 

That also applies to the discipline of women athletes: Where the author suspects one beach party after the other, parties are - at outmost - short encounters with the fans. During the long season, celebrating at the end of the list of priorities, because "the season lasts half a year, and each month there are three tournaments on schedule. You simply need to maintain your mental and physical strength."


This also seems to apply to the sponsor, the LTE–group, because precision, (almost) non-verbal conversation during a game and concentration on the target can be found here in order to achieve the set goals in record setting time. Thus LTE–group and the Beach Twins - partners in spirit - can be seen as a virtual team with their supporters, and one can assume that the sand on which they build their success is definitely on track.


Fort_Lauderdale_HR_01P_1668.jpgTrainingscamp, Ft. Lauderdale (FL)
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