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Railroad | Jobs to stay2018-04-13 | Ressources, Tipps

A while ago, LTEā€“group's CEO Andreas Mandl, one of the industries innovative heads, was appointed Chairman of the Association for Freight Transport of the Rail Transport Section of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO). It is one special issue, which pressures on him and his competitors due to the rapidly developing sector for freight transportation: the bottleneck for sector labor in this industry and how to fix it in the short run for the next future.

Railroad | Jobs to stay

According to Andreas Mandl the main cause is the presentation of job profiles, which has in the past been rather poor or even non-existent. But also because among young people these jobs rank far below other jobs in the popularity scale for various other reasons. "Aside from the fact that at the end of their apprenticeship, young people do not really know that there is such a huge demand for labor, it is certainly the inhospitable call that precedes the profession. Railroaders are needed in any weather and at any time of the day – even when others barbecue in the summer, or put on their skiers in winter." Train driver – a profession, that once made every boy's heart beat faster, still has quite a lot to offer, as train drivers now work in an high tech environment.  IT specialists, but also the employees in the workshops can expect an ambitious as well as future-oriented work environment. "Moreover, we are all working in a booming industry, as proven by recent growth rates." Besides a high job security, this also means numerous personal development opportunities within the company. "It is therefore important to communicate these professions, which are part of the occupational profile of the railway worker, as well as the possibilities of advancement in the railway companies. It is not said that they have to remain young engine drivers their entire life – on the contrary: with advancing experience and knowledge personal development up to management positions is possible. "Therefore in the near future our professional association with support of the WKO will also endeavor to bring this information closer to young interested people, not least at the POI, so that everything stays on track in this booming industry.


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