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15 years of LTE! Anniversary 2016.2015-12-30 | LTE News

This year LTE | Logistics & Transport Europe will be celebrating its 15th anniversary.

15 years of LTE! Anniversary 2016.

The formation of LTE Logistik und Transport GmbH already took place in the year 2000 - however the first train transporting rail cargo was launched in September 2001. Since then, LTE-group has become a European specialist for all sorts of rail cargo logistics. With 220 employees all over Europe we provide extensive services in rail logistics and transport of international cargo.



barus_lte_15years_sujetA_05B-2s_305.jpgRock ...
barus_lte_15years_sujetA_05B-2s_304.jpgand Roll
barus_lte_15years_sujetA_05B-5s_303.jpgLTE 15 years brand version one
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