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„Lokshed“ | Update #2 - braking ground for LocMaSta2020-10-07 | LTE News, Ressources

As reported earlier, ÖBB Technische Services GmbH, LTE Logistics & Transport Europe and ELL European Locomotive Leasing are establishing a modern service center for the maintenance and repair of their locomotives in Gramatneusiedl, an "atTRACKtive" transport hub in the heart of Europe. On October 1st the groundbreaking ceremony marked the official start of construction works.

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„Lokshed“ | Update #2 - braking ground for LocMaSta

Therefore (photo from left to right) Christoph Katzensteiner (CEO ELL), Andreas Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Sandra Karl-Gottbauer (ÖBB), Michael Benda (CFO LTE-group), and Kai Brüggemann (ÖBB) shook hands to celebrate the day and officially started construction for a modern 1,000 m²-center to service and maintain the locomotives of the partners and of course everybody interested. LTE and ELL will be responsible for the lion's share of the load with their modern fleet of locomotives and ÖBB TS will contribute their many years of extensive know-how to the operation of LocMaSta.


(fltr) Christoph Katzensteiner (CEO ELL), Andreas Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Sandra Karl-Gottbauer (ÖBB), Michael Benda (CFO LTE-group), Kai Brüggemann (ÖBB)


Mandl and Benda said visibly euphoric: "After years of planning and overcoming many obstacles, we are happy about the smooth start of the first construction phase." Sandra Gott-Karlbauer adds: "The workshop in Gramatneusiedl is a another important piece of the puzzle towards a comprehensive service network with which we optimally link  operation and maintenance of the locomotives." Christoph Katzensteiner finally sums up: "With this new loco garage, we offer our customers professional, state-of-the-art maintenance on 1,000 m². The strategically favorable location also guarantees short distances and maximum availability of the locomotives." 


(fltr) Andreas Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Michael Benda (CFO LTE-group), Thomas Kollnig (LTE-group), Armin Wohlfahrter (ÖBB), Sandra Karl-Gottbauer (ÖBB), Kai Brüggemann (ÖBB)


Now the two managing directors of the construction company LTS, Thomas Kollnig on the side of LTE (3rd from left) and Armin Wohlfahrter from ÖBB (3rd from right) take over the helmets and will ensure with their team on-site that there will be a lavish opening party for the LocMaSta to rock Gramatneusiedl end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.


Photos: LTE | Peter Strobl


LTE-088-HR_01Pa_2129.jpgfltr. Christoph Katzensteiner (CEO ELL), Mag. Elisabeth Landrichter (BMVIT, BoP LTE-group), Sandra Karl-Gottbauer (ÖBB), Kai Brüggemann (ÖBB), Mandl (CEO LTE-group)
LTE-134-HR_01Pa_2127.jpgfltr. Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Mag. (FH) Thomas Schwab (Mayor Gramatneusiedl), Mag. Elisabeth Landrichter (BMVIT, BoP LTE-group)
LTE-109-HR_01Pa_2128.jpgfltr. Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Mag. (FH) Thomas Schwab (Mayor Gramatneusiedl), Mag. Elisabeth Landrichter, KR Mag. Franz Weintögl, Hubert Mierka (all BoP LTE-group), Benda (CFO LTE-group)
LTE-010-HR_01Pa_2130.jpgthe construction pit (foundations for column on left hand side)

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