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LTE–group "en detail" | Ruza Simunovic (Sales)2019-06-14 | LTE Specialists

Ruza Simunovic is responsible for the Sales division of LTE Austria and, with her mediterranean temperament, she radiates her convincing charm not only at the office in Graz.

LTE–group 'en detail' | Ruza Simunovic (Sales)

"If you, as a mother of three children, can master your life, then it will certainly work in your job," Ruza - a native Croatian - is convinced. With her energy, she is inspiring for her colleagues as well as for her clientele.


"I am responsible for Sales at LTE Austria GmbH," she describes her role in the company. When she enters the office in Graz, it usually does not remain unnoticed by any of her colleagues, how she emanates her croatian temperament powerfully eloquent. "My admittedly extroverted nature is of great use to me in this industry. Let's face it, in this male-dominated world, you have to be successful, "she says with a wink and "I am a 100% sales-person among railway & logistics specialists."


She is supported by a competent team: "Together with my colleagues, Marc Krammer and Konstantin Kleinfercher and in coordination with Daniel Körbler (production) and Alexander Moik (traffic management), I am developing our concepts from calculation and route management resulting in smooth transports and solving the task.


"This efficient interaction of know-how has meanwhile become indispensable as the market situation has become increasingly tight in the last years. Therefore the available resources of the company must be used even more efficiently. Starting with optimal route planning, checking the availability of traction vehicles and corresponding personnel - ending with optimal route planning to avoid empty (so-called loco-)trains. "What has contributed to LTE's entry into the top league of rail transport companies are above all, our efficiency, flexibility, speed and punctuality. This is ensured by the traffic management and a 24/7 monitoring of the transports, which provides us and our customers with up-to-date information on every section of the route. "


This mix of calculation, know-how and a lot of tact in pricing and handling of the transports creates the necessary confidence for a long-term cooperation.


Simunovic_Ruza_296_01P_1787.jpgRuza Simunovic (Sales)
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