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LTE–group "en detail" | Alexander Moik (Trafic Manager)2019-06-27 | LTE Specialists

When the going get's got to keep a cool head - at least if you are a traffic manager.

LTE–group 'en detail' | Alexander Moik (Trafic Manager)

Being a traffic manager Alexander Moik, of LTE Austria, faces one of the most stressful job profiles within the company, because it is all about quick decisions which he together with his team have to make in order to live up to the company's USP.


To briefly outline his daily challenges: it is up to Alexander to manage the preliminary planning in coordination with Ruza Simunovic (Sales) but also to master the so-called deviation management - everything in coordination with the customer, highly personal and highly individual, according to the respective needs.


"Of course, our customers' requirements are highly individual," says Alexander. "In most cases, precision, speed and reliability are the only things that count. And of course at the end, everything must sum up to the right price, that's part of my responibility as a member of a successful production team. "


One of the challenges that Alexander and his team have to master are the transports from Magna at Messendorf to Bremerhaven and Zeebrugge (automobiles from Mercedes and Jaguar). Precise coordination is required here, from loading to delivery, because if the stocks at the factories fill up due to high productivity, follow-up problems arise and have to be avoided. "Compared to the rest of the market, we simply offered the more conclusive concepts, which finally enabled us to take over these transports", he says.


According to Alexander, crisis management is basically always in demand, because the causes of potential delays are manifold: failing a locomotive - leading to a primary rescheduling, followed by the loss of time, which requires a reorientation of the staff, also causing consequences on the whole route (not to mention further unforeseen problems on the track).


Alexander is very satisfied with his work for one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The graduated geographer started his career at the Styrian provincial government, where he was responsible for digital information systems. After two years as a dispatcher at LTE, CEO Andreas Mandl finally transferred him to traffic management. "Together with Ruza and Daniel, we master the most stinking requirements every day in Graz."


LTEportrait_moik_tradefair19_01P_content_1791.jpgAlexander Moik (Trafic Manager)
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