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LTE | Peer Team Austria2019-03-12 | LTE News, LTE Specialists

We all hope, that we never have to face psycholgically stressful situations, that are just "too big" for us to cope. But for the case - there is help to be found.

LTE | Peer Team Austria

In 2017 LTE as one of the founding member, set up "Peer Team Austria" with other railway companies. Ronald Meitz was part of the team right from the beginning, and since January 2019, Lukas Frewein and Jan Frencl have been working as lay assistants for the LTE staff.


What is the "Peer Team Austria". "PTA" is a organisation of amateur peers of meanwhile 11 Austrian railway companies. After exceptional situations such as


  • Almost - accidents
  • Illegal pass-bys of halting signals
  • derailments
  • Threats / attacks by passengers or other persons
  • Accidents with / without personal injuries
  • suicides

the team provides care from the immediate professional environment of the affected person. 

This service is voluntary for affected employees and takes place under the strictest confidentiality. The peers are subject to absolute secrecy, even to the employer.


Currently, there are already 20 people in the PTA who have completed one year of training. This is divided into four modules of two days each:


  • conversation training
  • communication
  • intervention and

followed by a final certification interview.


Lukas Frewein: "I can say with pleasure that since January I belong to the" Peer Team Austria ". The training is really interesting, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in helping colleagues. Each of the four modules spans two days, where everything is explained in detail and the techniques can be practiced intensively. "


Peer-Team-Austria_LTE_02P_med_1765.jpg(left to right) Heinrich Juritsch, Jan Frencl, Lukas Frewein
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