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LTE | Locomotive design2019-03-27 | LTE Specialists, Tipps

In addition to the proverbial scope of services of the LTE–group, which has been manifested by a competent team for almost two decades, a modern fleet of vehicles, in addition to its efficiency, impresses with its unique designs, is proudly representing the company. The designer Richard Barus recently told us what lies behind the design of the locomotives.

LTE | Locomotive design

"We, above all Andreas Mandl, CEO of the LTE–group, emphasize in giving our locomotives their own personality," he ventures a first secret right at the beginning of our conversation, "which evidently also results in a high recognition value." In addition, there are also a number of facts that can be impressively linked in this way. "Travelling on many european rail-corridors, it is of course also our endeavor to express this accordingly," says Andreas Mandl. This is also manifested in the references to the manufacturers.
For example, as Barus goes on to explain, Bombardier Traxx AC3-locomotives are dedicated to the design of "Lord of the Rails", a cinematic persiflage on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, or the eponymous film trilogy.

The design series "Logistics For Legends" on the Siemens Vectron-Model has a story linked to. This design was created, so to speak, in collaboration with ELL, European Locomotive Leasing, intended to emphasize the ability of multi-system locomotives to drive over several corridors, which is one of the strengths of the LTE–group: from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, from Rotterdam to Constanta. Therefore, on the occasion of  many years of cooperation between the two companies and the fact that ELL delivered its 100th locomotive of this type at the beginning of 2018, this locomotive was dedicated to "The Flying Dutchman".

Apart from other design-"side-lines" we should mention the Transmontana locomotives (by Softronic) of the LTE–group's fleet. These operate exclusively in the Eastern European countries' transport network: in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovenia. Accordingly, on these locomotives you find technicians, researchers and scientists from these countries, which also expresses the spirit of innovation of the company.

"This closes the circle within LTE's corporate philosophy," agree Andreas Mandl and Richard Barus. "Because the unmistakable design of our modern locomotives expresses the fact that the 24/7 team throughout Europe competently and reliably provides our wide-ranging clientele with a bouquet of challenges." They can be proud of that, because of its unifying diversity, LTE's fleet became one of the most photographed on social media. Design 2.0 so to speak ...


PS: You find some more Details on our "locomotives"-page


barus_LTE_tradefair19_animation_designs_lotr_1771.jpgThe "Lord of the Rails" Series
barus_LTE_lokdesign_dwarf_97645_960x720_1679.jpgLord of the Rails | The Dwarf (c Kriwetz)
barus_LTE_tradefair19_animation_designs_legends_1773.jpgThe "Logistics 4 Legends" Series
barus_LTE_lokdesign_flying_dutchman_062_960x720_1680.jpgLogistics 4 Legends | The Flying Dutchman (c Strobl)
barus_LTE_tradefair19_animation_designs_science_1772.jpgThe "Scientists & Inventors" Series
barus_LTE_lokdesign_coanda_111358_960x720_1681.jpgScientists | Henri Marie Coanda
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