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LOCMASTA | Update #4 - "LOCMASTA"-Forest2021-03-24 | Ressources, Ecology

In the course of the construction of the “LOCMASTA” (Locomotive Maintenance Station) locomotive workshop in Gramatneusiedl, around 3,600 m² of wooded embankment had to give way to the excavator last August. After receiving the clearance notice, the work was carried out quickly in order not to endanger the construction schedule at the beginning.

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LOCMASTA | Update #4 - 'LOCMASTA'-Forest

At the same time, the LOCMASTA team began looking for a possible reforestation area. Every team member felt the need to find a space and plant trees instead of making a one-off replacement payment - totally inspired by the idea of "green logistics". A total of 20 communities in the district of Bruck an der Leitha were contacted. Many without feedback, some with rejections.


In January 2021, Matthias Haiböck, on-site project coordinator and responsible for communication with the authorities, received a call from the responsible district forester that Enzersdorf an der Fischa would like to implement a reforestation project and and provides the required area. Enzersdorf's mayor Markus Plöchl was immediately contacted and a meeting was organized.


reforestation area | noe atlas/

The meeting took place on February 25th and an agreement was quickly made: LTS Immobilien GmbH, the construction company of LOCMASTA - respectively the operating company ETL - can proudly call itself “forest owner” in the future. At least for part of a forest. Enzersdorf an der Fischa will fulfill the requirements of the clearance notice including for example, the planting of the seedlings on an area of ​​10,800m², regular care, irrigation and any necessary replanting after game damage.


Green Logistics | shutterstock/K.Gelissen/

We thank Mayor Plöchl for the good and uncomplicated negotiations and the future cooperation and look forward to sitting in the "LOCMASTA"-clearing in a few decades and enjoying nature.

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