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Intermodal - the LTE-mode2021-08-05 | Ressources

From "sole" traction to supply chain management - in other words, the LTE-group proves its extensive competence thanks to its know-how and personal communication with its customers.

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Intermodal - the LTE-mode

 "In the past, everything was a lot simpler in comparison," remembers Heinrich Juritsch, Managing Director of LTE AT, of the company's early days twenty years ago. “It was enough to take over a transport from the Hungarian border to Passau. Today, however, the tasks are more complex,” adds Ruza Simunovic, responsible for sales in the Austrian LTE. "We have never been "the Cheap-Jack", but were always valued as the best servicer in the country." This reputation was also strengthened by the fact that Andreas Mandl and the team step by step succeeded in realizing his vision or rather a network, to carry out transports in "one go" from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.


Floris de Leeuw | LTE


As remarkable as the project has been from a technical point of view during the past decade, it goes without saying that one has to accept that competitors also master those tasks. Therefore, "we are invited to develop new concepts to maintain and expand the uniqueness of LTE in a new light." To stay true to the temperament of Ruza: "We develop (for) the customer" so the keyword "communication" comes up very quickly. “In principle, it's about people, because the devices are basically the same everywhere. There are a lot of discussions in the run-up of a project, so a lot of preparations are necessary". That's when her wealth of know-how comes really handy: "We don't just drive from A to B. If we would we do that, we would go back to where we started.” But “if I'm invited to transport, let's say, 100,000 loading units, then in a matter of seconds I know what is needed. The transport route has to be calculated and I know the terminals and conditions from the first to the last mile."


Floris de Leeuw | LTE


Heinrich takes this approach to a more generally applicable level of supply chain management - in the direction in which the journey will go in general: “We are already living the European rail concept because we travel across the continent and can expand our range of services. In terms of automotive, for example, we succeed in doing this very well. Incidentally, we have four wonderful projects where, together with our international cooperation partner, where we demonstrate our flexibility and punctuality on a daily basis. "


preview-pic: Floris de Leeuw

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