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LTE–group "en detail" | Poland2018-05-18 | LTE Specialists

About a year after LTE–group's branch in Poland received its license to run an RU, Arthur Kaldynski is pleased of the success of Gdynia-based LTE–PL.

LTE–group 'en detail' | Poland

"Last year, just after we were granted our RU's license, nearly everybody thought of "LTE" being fast internet," says Kaldynski. "Today everyone in the industry knows us, because we managed to achieve a market share of 5% during this period."


This success has its reasons. "On the one hand it's because of our equipment. Operating predominantly with multi-system locomotives allows us to drive through several corridors, saving a great deal of time." Just one figure to explain this effect: in Poland, the average speed achieved by the various RUs is approx. 22 km/h. LTE–PL reaches an impressive 36 km/h.


"On the other hand, it's because of our proactive train-disposition" explains Kaldynski. "We can rely on our highly trained and experienced employees. They achieve a perfect communication with the responsible dispatchers, making the handling at border crossings more efficient. The dispatchers know that it takes just 30 minutes for a LTE train to cross a border, as we basically just change the train driver, while with other RUs the equipment has to be replaced and this may take up to several hours."


Summing up, Kaldynski is sure that Poland and LTE–group have been waiting for each other, just like the other markets in which the company is represented: "With our modern equipment and a proven 24/7 support of our clientele by a dedicated team, the LTE–group is optimally equipped for the 21st century."

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