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LTE NL - AEO Certificate2016-10-22

LTE NL is certified AEO-C. What sounds like "just another certificate" actually brings many benefits for our customers. In a nutshell, customs simplifications - according to "time is money" - are cost reductions. In regard of permanent time pressure, this is a considerable advantage, which we gladly pass on.

LTE NL - AEO Certificate

Under the customs law of the European Union a company, audited as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), enjoys certain privileges.
Throughout the European Union this certificate enables companies for example to receive in a simple procedure, without extensive reexamination, authorizations for customs procedures with economic significance and other simplified procedures.
Three different certificates are introduced for the beneficiary. These are:
AEOC "Simplification of customs law"
AEOS "Security"
And a so-called combined license from AEOC and AEOS - AEO C / S.

The authorization requirements are, in particular, the proper observance of the customs regulations in the past, satisfactory accounting records with regard to business and transport documents which enable appropriate control, proof of solvency (creditworthiness) and (for AEO S and AEO C / S) only Compliance with appropriate safety standards.

The status of the authorized economic participant includes various advantages for the holder. If a holder of an AEO certificate AEO C or AEO C / S applies a customs simplification (eg. local clearance procedure, authorized consignor / consignee), the prerequisites already audited for issuing the certificate are deemed fulfilled. The audit cadence of certificate holders should be below that of participants without certificates.
The European Union aims to recognize the status of the authorized economic operator in international agreements with third countries to secure the supply chain.



AEO-C_Certificate_LTE-NL_300_xs_1271.pngAEO-C Certificate LTE-NL 2016
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