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The Rotterdam-Poznan-Shuttle2017-05-04 | LTE News, Routes

Let´s take a closer look at the Rotterdam-Poznan-Shuttle, our latest project for P&O Ferrymasters and Erontrans Logistics Services and its benefits for our environment.

The Rotterdam-Poznan-Shuttle

On April 18th 2017 LTE-NL has started a new train shuttle from Rotterdam (NL) to Poznan (PL). The shuttle is operated on behalf of P&O Ferrymasters und Erontrans Logistics Services. At four roundtrips per week we move trailers from the P&O-Terminal in Rotterdam to the Poznan CLIP-Terminal Swarzedz (via Emmerich and Frankfurt/Oder) as an A-B connection. A significant part of the trailers come from or move to England by ferry. 


Let us give you some figures:

Each train transports 36 trailers

On the road a trailer would travel approx. 1.000km.

So one train equals approx. 36.000km not driven by truck.


But remember: 4 rotations (one rotation = 2 directions) per week,

that makes it: 36.000km x 2 directions x 4 rotations, or in short:

288.000km per week!


That´s a lot of km saved.


We transport for our environment.




Read more about the ecological benefits of rail-transportation in our blogs - filter for "ecology" ...


IMG_0072_03P_960x720_1284.jpgRotterdam-Poznan-Shuttle shunted
IMG_0583_08P_small_1287.jpg... on track ... (M.Bertram)
IMG_0584_07P_small_1288.jpg... and off we go ... (M.Bertram)
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