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Lord of the Rails - details2017-06-16 | LTE News

What started at LTE-group's booth at the world’s largest trade fair for transport & logistic in Munich is growing to a project covering the whole European continent.

Lord of the Rails - details

Already the title of the project, initiated and implemented by Art Director Richard Barus, allows the viewer to associate the values that LTE-group stands for.


The cineastical project "Lord of the Rails" sends three companions through "middle earth" – a metaphor for the European continent and the open-heartedness of the main characters. "This film creates pictures about our infrastructure but also of the team spirit of our employees in an original way." says Andreas Mandl, CEO. "These have contributed significantly to the fact that the LTE-group is today one of the most successful and innovative companies in the industry.
With a fleet of more than 40 locomotives, which are among the most modern in Europe as well as with logistics concepts, which personally correspond to the requirements of the diverse clientele: from the "first" to the so-called "last mile".


The internationally renowned composer Carlos Pino-Quintana, takes up the idea of ​​this Europe, finds the diversity of tasks, the wealth of the continent and expresses all in the form of a unique piece of music. For Pino-Quintana, this work is not only highly exciting, but above all "a delightful challenge to recognize and experience the many facets of this "old continent" each time anew and to regard it under the aspect of its mobility: with its characteristical charms as well as his many tracks that connect him."


Bildschirmfoto_2017-07-18_um_110716_01P_small_1329.jpgmusic recording session - Cello (screenshot)
Bildschirmfoto_2017-06-30_um_124741_small_1330.jpgLord of the Rails - one rail to serve (screenshot)
barus_LTE_munich2017_booth_10_interior_0516_094923_01P_small_1328.jpgour booth at the transport & logistic Munich 2017
barus_LTE_munich2017_people_06_mandl_0516_093639_small_1331.jpginterview with CEO A. Mandl (screenshot)
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