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LTE - the China-Shuttle2016-10-23 | LTE News, Routes

One Belt - one road: railway to China The Tilburg-Chengdu Shuttle shows the strengths of the LTE-group: Cross-border freight transport, branches in several European countries, flexible transport solutions.

LTE - the China-Shuttle

Since September 2016, the LTE-group has been operating the weekly Tilburg-Chengdu Shuttle for the CDIRS (Chengdu International Railway Services) on behalf of RTSB.
Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province, with about 11 million inhabitants.
The city is one of the centers of the electronics industry with a fast technical and economical development.
The great distance from Chengdu to the seaports makes rail transport to Europe a good alternative to sea freight. Thanks to the high-quality products, the short travel time (12-15 days of railway transport instead of about 35 days of combined railway/ship) is the great advantage of railroad transport.


The LTE-group serves the section Tilburg (NL) to Malaszewicze (PL/BY) with just one change of driver, starting with LTE NL operating from Tilburg to Frankfurt/Oder. Then LTE PL drives the train with the support of Lotos to the Polish-Belarusian border to the Europort terminal Malaszewicze. There, the containers are loaded onto broad-gauge wagons and the Russian section (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China) begins.


189-200_Chengdu_7_03P_1270.pngChina Shuttle - on the way
image001-1_01P_1231.pngPresentation in Chengdu (CN)
image1-1_02P_1232.jpg Roland Verbraak (GVT)
night-time-buildings-and-towers-in-chengdu-sichuan-china_02P_medium_1275.jpgChengdu - Riverside
33899343892_76265f4be4_o_01P_960x720_1285.jpgLTE 189 200 near Houten NL (15.04.2017, Remco van den Bosch (Flickr))
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