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LTE-group | Prized Logistics - Austrian Export-Prize 20192019-06-28 | LTE News, Quality

LTE-group and GKB won the Austrian Export Prize 2019. As we don't want to praise ourselves - read what was written in the news...

LTE-group | Prized Logistics - Austrian Export-Prize 2019


Press-Releasespdf-file, 1,70 MB


WKO_Exportprice_2019_02_Frank_Helmrich_1797.jpg(from left) Dr. Harald Mahrer, Mag. Alexander Klacska, Ing. Mag. Andreas Mandl, KommR Mag. Franz Weintögl, BM Mag. Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl (Fotocredit: Frank Helmrich)
WKO_Exportprice_2019_01_Frank_Helmrich_1798.jpg(from right) Ing. Mag. Andreas Mandl, Generaldirektor KommR Mag. Franz Weintögl (Fotocredit: Frank Helmrich)
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