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Lord of the Rails - the Quest for Quizzers2017-05-09 | LTE News

Everybody knows it - the small-print of contracts, technical difficulties that no one mentioned. Transport and logistics can be very difficult when you donĀ“t know the secrets of our trade.

Lord of the Rails - the Quest for Quizzers

Let us be the ones to reveal the "mysteries" of legal restrictions or technical requirements to you. We can offer you a individualised logistics concept and the staff to make it real. At your side – 24/7.


But now it's your turn.


Decode the writings in our brandnew film „Lord of the Rails – one rail to serve.

translate and win






All you need is a keen eye and your fine sense for the hidden, which sometimes is more obvious than it seems.

Watch our movie on youtube as often as you need and mail your answer to

First to third places receive a "Lord of the Rails"-package (a model locomotive, a "Lord of the Rails – one rail to serve"-poster signed by all actors, etc.), places four to ten win a LTE-group merchandising article.

Good luck!


Participation is free for everybody. Our quest ends on July 31th, 2017. Winners are determined according to the order of reception of emails and will be notified by email. We can not engage in any further correspondence on the competition. The decision on the winners is final.


barus_LTE_film3_Lordoftherails_screenshot_01B_960x720_1292.jpgScreenshot "The Cliff"
screen_01_small_1290.pngScreenshot "The First Encounter"
screen_02_small_1291.pngScreenshot "On the Run"
barus_LTE_film3_LOTR1_questforquiz_screenshot1B_1293.jpgScreenshot "The Quiz"
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