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Here comes another ...2017-06-15 | LTE News, Ecology, Ressources

Last summer, LTE-group opened another innovative chapter in the transport sector by being the first company in Austria to own a Bombardier TRAXX AC3 Last Mile. Just a year later, in June 2017, it was clear that the fleet will be growing again!

Here comes another ...

"For our company, it was obvious to choose this locomotive" explained Andreas Mandl (CEO). "With this technology, we can meet the demand for cost-efficient and on-time-transportation from the so-called first to last mile."
In fact, the Traxx family of engines enjoys great popularity in medium-haul freight and passenger transport. Above all, however, the AC3 locomotive is characterized by its last-mile function, which makes the change from an electric locomotive to a marshalling or diesel locomotive unnecessary. This saves time and resources, which has positive effects on the high reliability of our company and, of course, on the cost situation." says Mandl.
With 24/7 dispatch service and transport monitoring, certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and SQUAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) assessment, the LTE-group ranks among the best in the railway logistics and transportation sector according to international standards. Highest quality requirements and standards ensure constant improvement and the capability to transport any kind of goods.


Numbers and facts of the TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive at LTE-group
The TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive at LTE-group
• Power: 5.6 megawatts
• Weight: 87 tons
• TRAXX-Lok modular system: 70% of the components are identical in all TRAXX locomotives
• Approval of the TRAXX platform in 19 countries
• A locomotive for electrified and non-electrified routes - from the starting point to the destination without locomotive change
• Last-Mile function thanks to the equipment of the electric locomotive with additional diesel engine and battery
• Diesel unit fulfills the stage IIIB / VERT and is thus demonstrably environmentally friendly


Group picture (from left to right):

in front: Alexander Wandl (Sales Manager ROS / LOC Austria, Bombardier Transportation), Andreas Mandl (CEO LTE-group), Christian Diewald (Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH)
second row: Andreas Gluhak (Project Manager Product Introduction, Bombardier Transportation), Michael Benda (CFO LTE group), Nils Gönner (Railengineering)


IMG-20170522-WA0000_01P_1324.jpgthe new AC3 is coming
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